Here at Winstead performance horses we give performance a purpose by striving to get the most out of each horse and rider, we use true horsemanship with each horse and rider to achieve greatness!

Our Trainers and Coaches are sisters Claire and Caitlin Winstead. Both have been riding their whole lives. They have experience in may disciplines and believe that you should always continue learning. Knowledge and hard work are the keys to success.  

Claire Winstead is a 2024 Senior and works full time at the barn. You will find her in the barn from sun up to down, cleaning stalls, feeding, and training horses. For her a life with out horses wouldn't be a life. Claire holds several TWHBEA World Versatility Titles. Colt breaking is her favorite, she enjoys the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when they have learned something new. Her motto is a horse is a horse, no matter what breed, they should all be taught trust and ground manners, then the rest will come. You will find her listing to rock or Elvis music with her trusty sidekick Elvis Aaron Pressley, the bloodhound. 

Caitlin Winstead is a sophomore in high school. She spends her days in the barn with her red heelers, Willie and Boobie. You will find Caitlin in the barn feeding, cleaning, and riding. She puts the finishing touches on flat shod walking horses, western pleasure, and hunter under saddle. She is well versed in the show aspect of various breeds and excels at patterns and showmanship. She has won many International and National Championships. She enjoys country music, Dr. Peppers, and Red Bulls.